Sunday, June 23, 2013

Today is the first day of summer .- Natural Handcrafted Soap

Today is the first day of summer .- Natural Handcrafted Soap =]

… Happy Summer dear natural handcrafted soap friends..
People take advantage of the warmer temperatures by spending more time outdoors during the summer.
Shea Butter SoapCitrus Soaps
Florida Citrus Sunshine
South Africa Grapefruit

. .
In the summer months, elements like sun, wind and heat can leave your skin feeling parched.
Natural Handcrafted Soap  offers a bar of soap are  formulated for the outdoor enthusiast.
Florida Citrus Soap
Picture 464
Florida Citrus Soap , feels like your bathing on the shores of South beach with a extra creamy bar of soap. Close your eyes and feel like your walking through a tangerine groove
Citrus Soaps
Florida Citrus Sunshine
South Africa Grapefruit

. . Grapefruit soap refresh your skin and stimulates circulation.
Brazilian Espresso Scrub Coffee Soap
Mixed in with a rich scent of brazilian espresso coffee , coffee butter and brazilian almond oil.
Handcrafted Soaps Ideas for Holiday Party Hostess Gifts
Suggested Coffee Soaps
Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap
Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub
French Cafe au Lait
Hawaiian Kona Coffee
Thai Lemongrass Soap, Wonderful for all skin types, especially oily skin.
Summer soaps – Where to get it Today!
citrus essential oil smells like a fresh sliced lemon, orange and tangerines.
This week’s featured soaps
Greek Olive Oil Soap
Lavender with Dead Sea Mud
Florida Citrus Sunshine Soap

Frequently Bought Together

Handmade Soap -South African Grapefruit with Moroccan Red Clay and Mango Butter 7-Ounce + Lemongrass Soap with Lemon Essential Oil (Stimulant & Cooling Soap) + Provence Lavender / Jasmine Grandiflorum with Sea and Rose Clay Soap(Face and Body)
Price for all three: $33.00
Buy the selected items together

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