Thursday, February 21, 2013

Natural and Organic Oatmeal Soap

Soften and Protect Your Skin
Don’t be fooled by commercial grade imitations! This soap is the real thing. This soap is left unscented and contains ground and whole oatmeal which serves as a great exfoliate, we add mango butter which is extracted from the seed kernels of the lush and juicy tropical mango fruit. Mango butter has been traditionally used in the Rainforests and tropics for it’s skin softening, soothing, moisturizing, then we add avocado oil which makes this soap soft, creamy and lots of lather.
Organic oatmeal soap is the best choice, for anyone attempting to minimize the use and production of chemicals in our world.
Where to Buy Organic Handmade Oatmeal Bar Soap
Suggested Oatmeal Soaps
Oatmeal -Shea Butter Soap
Oatmeal – Stout
Oatmeal – Mango Butter Soap
We use Organic high-quality oats based on an old family soap recipes.

Different Kinds of Oatmeal Soap

We combine organic oatmeal with other natural ingredients such as shea butter, goat milk, and honey, golden  blossomGoat's Milk Goldem Blossom Oatmeal contains Polysaccharides which soften and protect your skin. Grown by organic farmers it contains no harmful or irritating chemicals.
Oatmeal soap
Oatmeal Organic Soap with Shea Butter and Brazilian Hazel Nuts
Suggested Organic Oatmeal Soaps
Oatmeal -Shea Butter Soap
Oatmeal – Stout
Oats Mango Butter
Shp for Organic oatmeal products  MORE HERE … NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP. –

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