Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How You Can Do Good with Small Actions:Natural Soaps

This post is part of give away money to help the Rain Forest

Natural handcrafted soap are sale their products and 10% of their profits are for help

to plant more trees.
We hope you will join us and others in supporting Rainforest conservation and preservation to stop this tide of destruction. Raising consciousness of the problems is simply not enough. You as a consumer do have power and it can be put to good use.
Rain Forest with Cocoa Butter and Brazilian Almonds and Hazelnut Oil Soap
Give yourself a treat with natural goodness from the rain forest. This soap enhances the beauty of healthy skin and moisturizes dry skin. Especially good for persons spending time outdoors in the sun , Refreshes and nourishes to make you feel like a million dollars. We believe that it is equally important to pay attention to what you put on your body Scientists have only begun to understand the medicinal and other benefits of Rain forest plants and oils. Demand for natural cosmetics has risen steadily since the early 1980's. People feel that these types of cosmetics are better because they are derived from natural sources like ours Rain forest soap

Brazilian Oil Soap with Cocoa Butter (Face and Body)

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