Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wonderful benefits of handmade soap,Twitter & Facebook my handmade soaps.

Once you experience the wonderful benefits of handmade soap, you will never go back to using commercial bars of soap that are filled with cheap fillers and artificial additives that can strip your skin of its nutrients.

Thai Lemongrass Soap with Cocoa Butter Stimulant & Cooling
[ We use an imported lemongrass essential oil from Thailand to scent this soap, we also add dried lemongrass for a mild exfoliant]
Regular commercial soaps contain many deleterious and insalubrious chemicals the ingredients that create the lathering effect are: sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), sodium dodecyl and sodium laureth sulfate. Reports show that SLS is very toxic especially to children.
Greek Olive Oil Face and Body Unscented Soap

Cretan olive oil and a little coconut to make it a bit harder with extra lather, Great for the face.
All of the soap base I use in my soaps are all natural rich creamy lather instead of a light foamy lather.

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Two Piece Provence French Lavender Egyptian Geranium with Rose Clay - Soap Set

French Jasmine And Lilac With Shea Butter Soap

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