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Olive Oil Soap Benefits -Your skin is the body's largest organ and the most exposed.

Olive Oil Soap

Olive oil is our primary ingredient in all of our natural handmade soaps. Here you will find our careful selection of the finest olive oil soaps in the world.
Olive oil is derived from the cold-pressing of the olive and is a very good moisturizer with its own unique healing properties.

Greek Olive OIl Soap from Natural handcrafted soap,This Olive oil soap is very mild, long-lasting and can be used full strength on any skin type to help retain moisture and elasticity.

The low incidence of skin cancer among Mediterranean people (despite a strong sun) and its well-known
anti-oxidant affect have brought olive oil international acclaim for skin care too. Skin and hair

Greek olive oil soap retain moisture, resilience, suppleness and brightness.
It's no wonder dermatologists everywhere recommend olive oil soaps for dry and sensitive skin.
Olive oil is a humectant which means it attracts external moisture from the air, holds the moisture close to the skin, and forms a breathable film to prevent loss of internal moisture.
As a result, the skin is able to continue its natural functions: perspiration, sebum release, and shedding of dead skin cells.

Three thousand years ago the Phoenicians, whose lands corresponds to present-day Lebanon and coastal parts of Israel and Syria, brought the olive to new colonies in Mediterranean ports. Later, the Romans would trade olives as one of their more gentle means of settling local frictions.

In the 6th century, French craftsmen combined the ashes from sea plants with locally pressed olive oils to make the world's first olive oil soaps. New factories in Marseille, Genoa, Lisbon, and Istanbul began a tradition of soapmaking that would become world-famous. In Marseille, the number of soap factories reached more than one hundred in the twentieth century.

Workers gently stirred the delicate mixture in old cauldrons and filled huge pits with a deep-green paste. In a process spanning generations, the hardened blocks were stamped with special marks and dried in the sun and marine winds.

Today, making a statement for simplicity, purity and tradition, we continue the craft.

Eating olive oil has been found to reduce the incidence of cancer, reduce blood pressure, aid
digestion, and delay the aging process of our organs and tissues.

Olive oil plays an important role in the development of our brain with its abundance of Vitamin
E. Diets rich in olive oils are common to the world's longest-living populations.

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