Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dove is not necessarily a bar of "soap".

Handmade SOAP and Dove SOAP

Just because you buy a product that comes in the form of a bar, doesn't always mean its soap. It can be a cleanser, but that's not necessarily a bar of "soap". Establishing this difference is important because a typical bar of soap most often has an inherent pH of 10. Products like Dove are not soap in the same sense,Dove contains, petroleum derivatives, synthetic colorings and fragrances, and chemical preservatives rather a blend of ingredients in a bar form, but not soap (remember their ads say that Dove is ¼ cold cream). Just as you wouldn't choose a facial soap that causes dryness and irritation, you should choose a product designed and formulated for the specific purpose of cleansing your sweetest spot. That's where we come in with our Face and Body Soap from Natural Handcrafted Soap,using natural herbs, spices & clays and are scented with 100% pure essential oils. These completely natural soaps contain no artificial colors or fragrances gentle wash and doesn't have a loaded ingredient listing.

Here's a non-scientific graph that gives you insights into the pH of common drugstore soap brands.

Brand Name pH
Camay 9.5
Dial 9.5
Dove 7.0 (neutral)
Irish Spring 9.5
Ivory 9.5
Lever 2000 9.0
Palmolive 10.0
Zest 10.0

By Kiki of Face and Body Soap

This soap has extra rich lather, with bits of lavender buds folded in, it makes for a mild natural exfoliant with velvet like lather . We dont stop there, we also add crushed lavender buds to give it an amazing relaxing scent of the French countryside !

<---The lavender oil used in our soap is imported from the Provence of France

wild lavender's original home. Every skin type benefits from lavender oil, but it is particularly good for dry skin. It can be used in the treatment of acne as well. With a base of olive oil and the addition of shea butter perilla seed ,and palm oil, it makes this soap soothing, creamy and extra moisturizing, and smells wonderful , you will feel like you taking a shower in the French counrtyside in a lavender field.

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