Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mother's Day Gift Idea Handmade Soap

We've officially hit countdown mode for Mother's Day and it's approaching single digits. Do you already have a gift or your celebration planned for a special mom in your life? No? Okay good. The Natural Handcrafted soap share their favorite Soaps for Mother's Day gifts. We also have some fantastic ideas from some of our costumers.

If you place your orders today, you'll have just enough time to get them before Mother's Day (though we can't promise you'll avoid crazy shipping charges). Check out our favorite gift ideas and to all you mamasitas and mamasitas-to-be, don't forget to tell us what's on your wish list for this Mother's Day by dropping a comment.

Charlene, Parenting Eco-friendly all-purpose natural soaps that is perfect for moms
Rainforest natural SoapFrom Rachael making Soaps: Little wild things custom portraitsFrom Cookie Magazine: The getting is good with Cookie Magazine's Mother's Day gift guideFrom Bill Stump, Men's Health

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